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About Andrea

  • Andrea Morse is a Third Generation Staten Islander 

  • Granddaughter of a Union Machinist and the Wife of a Union Carpenter

  • Andrea is a trust and estates lawyer, small business owner, and a mother and will be a fighter for the people of this district

  • Andrea goes to church every weekend


Andrea Morse, a proud Third Generation Staten Islander, is deeply rooted in the fabric of our community. Raised with the values of hard work and solidarity, she is the granddaughter of a dedicated Union Machinist and the wife of a Union Carpenter. She understand that a pathway to the middle class is possible through union labor.  Andrea's passion for serving others drives her to be a relentless advocate for the people, ensuring their voices are heard in Congress.


Beyond her professional and familial roles, Andrea attends Church every Sunday at Christ Church in New Brighton and is a pillar in that community, finding strength and inspiration in her faith. As a small business owner, she understands the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and will work tirelessly to support them.


Andrea Morse is not a politician; she is a fighter for the people, ready to build a better  future for all residents of our district. Andrea is running for Congress because Staten Island and Southern Brooklyn deserve a common sense voice in Washington that's focused on keeping our communities safe and affordable, not politics as usual.

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